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On Demand Webinar: Excel Training Series: Vlook-up and Data Sorting

This session looks at practical government finance uses of the lookup tables.  We begin by identifying the types of data (transactional) that is necessary for a “Vlookup” table to function and explore how to apply structure your “Vlookup” to purchase order management, parts ordering, employee records management and many other uses.  We will also explore how to use a lookup as a simpler replacement for 'nested if' statements. Excel can also function as a database.  To facilitate this use we will explore how to sort data, by multiple variables, arranged in column tables and how to hide unnecessary columns to create highly readable reports.  

A template will be available to use along with the video. 


Eligible for 1 GFI Elective Credit


After watching the OnDemand webinar, you will need to complete a quiz and return it to earn credit.

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September 1st, 2019 12:00 AM
The Comfort of Your Office
On-Demand Webinar, NY
OnDemand Webinar
Member $45.00
Non-Member $45.00
Comp Pass $9.00