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On Demand Webinar: Excel Training Series: Practical Applications of Date Functions

MS Excel contains very powerful tools for working with dates. There are many practical applications for date functions such as aging accounts receivable or work orders, determining the exact date a probationary period ends and determining a date for pension vesting or Medicare eligibility. 

We explore how to determine the exact number of workdays (excluding holidays) to make budget predictions of utility costs or other costs associated with a workday.  We will also look how to determine the estimated useful life of a roof or boiler to plan effectively for capital projects.

Date functions are an essential tool in planning complex multi-step projects with dependent tasks.  Sound complicated? It’s not with of help of Excel's many built-in date functions. 

A template will be available to use along with the video. 


1 GFI Elective Credit


After watching the OnDemand webinar, you will need to complete a quiz and return it to earn credit.

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September 1st, 2019 12:00 AM
The Comfort of Your Office
On-Demand Webinar, NY
OnDemand Webinar
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