Webinar: Practical Applications of Advanced Count and Sum Functions in Excel

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Live participants may request to be awarded 1 CPE credit (GSK) and/or 1 GFI elective credit; credits cannot be issued for the recorded webinar.


While most Excel users are familiar with both of the basic sum and count functions, many are not familiar with more powerful conditional count and sum functions using countif, sumif, countifs and sumifs. 

Conditional count and sum functions allow you to establish specific criteria for the result such as count all of full-time employees or all sum the total of all checks over a certain amount.  Countifs and Sumifs are exclusionary and are extremely useful in counting or totaling a subset of data without the need for extensive sorting.

Sound complicated?  It is not, and anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Excel can easily master these functions and put them to immediate use in government finance and public sector applications.  As a take-away, you will receive a fully annotated template with all the formulas and "you try" examples after the session. 

November 20th, 2018 1:00 PM   through   2:00 PM
The Comfort of Your Office
Online Webinar, NY
United States
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