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Washington Update - What You Need to Know

Presenter: Emily Brock, Director - Federal Liaison Center, GFOA of the U.S. and Canada    

Moderator: Kristie Hansen, CPA, Comptroller, Suffolk Regional OTB

Learn the latest on the Financial Data Transparency Act, Infrastructure Funding, ARPA requirements, and more from National GFOA.

1.5 CPE Advisory Services | 1.5 GFI Elective Credits­­­­

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Larry Weaver - Bringing Accounting and Humor Together!

Presenter:  Larry Weaver, Comedian/Speaker

Moderator: Cynthia Pettit, Vice President, Key Bank, N.A.

In this interactive and engaging presentation, comedian and keynote speaker Larry Weaver uses clean humor and show business anecdotes to illustrate the importance of maintaining a positive attitude.

Key points include:

  • Energy–improve health and wellness, live a balanced life, prioritize self-improvement.
  • Attitude–become more positive, embrace change, and reduce stress.
  • Motivation–increase ability, commit to lifelong learning, and overcome obstacles.

These skills are crucial to success in any venture, whether your focus is on Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, Change, Safety, Stress Reduction, or simply Having More Fun at Work. Prepare to laugh, learn, and leave equipped to become more positive in your personal and professional life.

1.5 CPE Advisory Services | 1.5 GFI Elective Credits     

GASB 96: Getting Comfortable Reporting SBITAs

Presenter: Tim Doyle, CPA, Partner, Bonadio & Co., LLP     

Moderator: Donna Crowley, Partner, RBT CPAs, LLP

GASB Statement No. 96, Subscription-Based Information Technology Arrangements (SBITAs), significantly revises the accounting and financial reporting requirements for cloud computing arrangements and other SBITA contracts. This session will assist participants in understanding the requirements of GASB Statement No. 96, building off of their current understanding of the financial reporting requirements for leases under GASB Statement No. 87, which utilizes a similar conceptual framework.

1 CPE Accounting | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Grant Accounting: A Primer

Presenter: Elizabeth Krause, CPA, Audit Principal, Lumsden & McCormick, LLP

Moderator: Jeffrey Smith, President, Municipal Solutions, Inc.

Accounting and financial reporting for grants can be complex.  This session will cover three key points when working with grants and grant reporting - Management, Internal Control, and Reporting.  This an excellent primer for the seasoned finance officer and perfect for accounting staff who assist in grant management and reporting.

1 CPE Accounting | 1 GFI Elective Credit

ARPA Closeout: Getting Ready for 12/31/24

Presenter: Peggy Mousaw, CMFO, DBA consult_inc,NYS Certified WBE

Moderator: Jeffrey Davoli, CPA, Partner, PKF O'Connor Davies, LLP

December 31, 2024, the final date to obligate your ARPA funds, is quickly approaching. Yet new spending categories are still being fleshed out. What does your government need to do to prepare for spending the last of your ARPA funds? This session will identify key dates, discuss the potential for upcoming announcements, and answer questions from attendees as we approach the end of the covered period.

1 CPE Accounting | 1 GFI Elective Credit

All About the New Annual Financial Report (and avoiding errors!)

Presenters:  Jacklyn Postulka, Auditor 2, OSC LGSA

                    Jessica McMillen, Auditor 2, OSC LGSA

Moderator:   Michele C. Yen, CPA, Senior Manager, PKF O'Connor Davies, LLP 

The new OSC Annual Financial Report (AFR) is out.  Whether your entity is already utilizing the new reporting system, or will be completing it for the first time soon, this session will cover the changes in the AFR from the former Annual Update Document (AUD) and share how to avoid errors when completing the new AFR.   

1 CPE Accounting | 1 GFI Elective Credit

The Role of HSAs, FSAs, HRAs, and OPEB

Presenters:  Charles Martin, Vice President, USI Insurance Services

                      Ela Sanford, Practice Leader - Employee Benefits, USI Insurance Services     

                      Zachary Zuckerman, GBA, Senior Vice President, USI Insurance Services                 

Moderator: Tim Doyle, CPA, Partner, Bonadio & Co., LLP

Not familiar with the difference between common notional accounts that governments are able to offer? In this session, speakers will explain the differences between health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), and health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) from the perspective of a finance office and what is required to administer each.

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Bond Rating Agency Update

Presenters:  Lauren Freire, Associate Director, S&P Global Ratings

                    Shannon McCue, Senior Director, Fitch Ratings

                    Robert Weber, Vice President - Senior Analyst, Moody's Investors Service 

Moderator:   Rick Ganci, Executive Vice President & Principal, Capital Markets Advisors, LLC   

This popular session will provide an opportunity for attendees to compare and contrast the criteria ratings agencies utilize when reviewing debt issued by government entities.  Particular emphasis will be placed on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards and how they are applied to the credit review process.    

1.5 CPE Specialized Knowledge | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Understanding SEQRA Requirements When Bonding

Presenters:  Paul Meosky, Partner, Hodgson Russ LLP   

                    Frank Armento, Planning Studio Manager, Fisher Associates

Moderator:  William Jackson, Esq., Partner, Hawkins Delafield & Wood, LLP 

The State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) requires all local, regional, and state government agencies to equally examine the environmental impacts along with the social and economic considerations for a certain project, or action, during their discretionary review.  This session will take you through the SEQRA process and identify common pitfalls to avoid.  Bring your questions! 

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Debt Disclosure Updates

Presenters: William Jackson, Esq., Partner, Hawkins Delafield & Wood, LLP 

                     Robert Smith, Esq., Partner, Hawkins Delafield & Wood, LLP

                     Brian Garzione, Partner, Hawkins Delafield @ Wood, LLP 

Moderator: Duane Shoen, CPA, Partner, Insero & Co., CPAs, LLP   

An important part of issuing and monitoring your entity's debt is disclosure,  This session will review and update you on the laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to debt disclosure.

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Cybersecurity: The Hackers Keep Coming

Presenters:  Meghan Cook, Director - Cyber Incident Response Team, NYS DHSES

                     Lance C. Porter, Intelligence Analyst - Cyber Incident Response Team, NYS DHSES      

Moderator:  Carol Mark, Managing Director, JP Morgan Chase  

Cyberattacks are a clear and present danger for all organizations, but local governments are particularly vulnerable. Governments are more likely than any other kind of organization to be the targets of a ransomware attack, and the frequency of ransomware attacks on governments continues to increase. The potential extreme consequences of a cyberattack have caused many local governments to turn to cyber insurance, but finance officers need to develop comprehensive strategies for prevention, response, and recovery. In this session, attendees will become aware of the risks that governments face and identify potential strategies to mitigate them.

1 CPE Advisory Services I 1 GFI Elective Credit 

AI and its Future in the Public Sector

Presenter:  Suma Chander, Partner, PKF O'Connor Davies, LLP 

Moderator: Nick Angeline, Comptroller, Town of Vestal  

Artificial intelligence (AI) will someday be ubiquitous in government operations. Should workers be threatened? No. This session will focus on the benefits of AI and its limits. Speakers will discuss the evolution of AI and its potential impacts on local government. Case studies where AI has been implemented will be presented. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of AI, why human interaction is still important, and how successful organizations in the future will manage AI to make better decisions.

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge I 1 GFI Elective Credit

Creating a Key Performance Measurement Dashboard

Presenter:  Hon. Peter G. Crummey, Supervisor, Town of Colonie  

                    Lisa Travis, MIS Director, Town of Colonie

                    Jimmy Onibokun, Network Administrator, Town of Colonie 

Moderator: Denise Williamson, CPA, Government Audit Manager, RBT CPAs, LLP    

Performance measurement is a means by which to determine success by a public entity in achieving the short and long-term goals set by the governing board.  This session will share how the Town of Colonie (Albany County) developed and promotes its own Performance Measurement Dashboard which is shared with Town residents. 

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Managing Health Care Costs without Union Negotiation

Presenter:  Mark Greutman, ASA, MAAA, Senior Healthcare Consultant, BPAS Healthcare Consulting Services

                    Sharon Rainka, FSA, MAAA, Chief Healthcare Actuary, BPAS Healthcare Consultring Services

                    Dan Megelick, FSA, EA, CERA, MAAA, Director, BPAS Healthcare Consulting Services 

Moderator: Debra Gentile, Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase  

Collective bargaining agreements often present challenges to moving the needle on rising health care costs. However, employers have options available to implement strategies, offer programs, or alter benefits to manage health care costs without going to the collective bargaining table. In addition to discussing these approaches, this session will also cover ways to structure union contracts to maximize employer flexibility with health benefits and how recent legislation, like the Inflation Reduction Act, will impact health costs in future years and how to get ahead of the curve.

1.5 CPE Specialized Knowledge | 1.5 GFI Elective Credits

State Retirement System Update

Presenters:  Colleen Gardner, Executive Deputy Comptroller, NYSLRS

                    Andrea Goldberger, Deputy Comptroller, NYSLRS  

Moderator:  Janet Plarr, Village Administrator, Village of Blasdell 

This popular session will cover the new employer reporting system, elected official reporting, and answer your questions.

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Attracting and Retaining Public Finance Talent*

Presenter:  Brian Elms, Founder, Change Agents Training, LLC

Moderator:  Catherine Paget, Business Director, Northern Westchester Joint Water Works   

Struggling to recruit qualified candidates to apply for your vacant positions? Does it seem like your hiring process makes it difficult to land your top candidates? The ability to hire new employees quickly is critical for all areas of government, but especially for finance. Join this session to uncover common sense strategies for streamlining your hiring process, build a better working relationship with the human resources department, and develop a strategy for avoiding errors many governments make in recruiting talent.

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge | 1 GFI Elective Credit

*Note:  The presenter will appear live via Zoom in the session room.

Politics in Budgeting - Negotiating the Waters

Presenters:   Dawn Donovan, Comptroller, Town of Eastchester

                    Kristie Hansen, CPA, Comptroller, Regional Suffolk OTB

                    Brian Krause, CPA, Director of Administration & Finance, Town of Cheektowaga

                    John Snow, Supervisor, Town of Granby 

Moderator:  John Savash, CPA, Associate Professor of Accounting, Elmira College  

This session is an interactive, roundtable discussion on the political challenges finance officers face in the development, enactment, and monitoring of the most political of government documents - the budget.  The discussions are spearheaded by a team of highly seasoned government finance professionals who have been 'through the wars' and will share their stories as well as best practice recommendations learned throughout their careers.

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Legalities of Bidding and Procurement

Presenters:  Mark Stevens, Supervising Attorney, OSC Office of Legal Services

                  Erina Fitzgerald, Senior Attorney, OSC Office of Legal Services

Moderator:  Cherie Gitto, Chief Accountant, Town of Bethlehem  

This session will provide a review and update on the laws and rules regulating municipal procurement in New York.  Bring your questions! 

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge | 1 GFI Elective Credit

Unlocking Value From Publicly Owned Real Estate

Presenter: Philip Grommet, Senior Counsel, Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC  

Moderator:  Karen McLaughlin, CMFO, Treasurer, Village of Rhinebeck  

Municipalities and other governmental entities own large amounts of real estate, some of it being unused, costly to maintain, or not being utilized to its full potential.  This session will overview some of the legal requirements to sell, lease, and enter contracts with respect to such real estate.   There will also be a discussion of the ways in which local development corporations can be used to help unlock value. 

1 CPE Specialized Knowledge | 1 GFI Elective Credit